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Par contre, haaaaa lovely : zh:吴碧霞, et sa volonté d'être toujours accompagné par des orchestres purement traditionnels, qu'on entend jamais assez souvent.

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窈窕清禁闥,罷朝歸不同。君隨丞相後,我往日華東。 冉冉柳枝碧,娟娟花蕊紅。故人得佳句,獨贈白頭翁。

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Leaving the Audience by the quiet corridors, Stately and beautiful, we pass through the Palace gates,

Turning in different directions: you go to the West With the Ministers of State. I, otherwise.

On my side, the willow-twigs are fragile, greening. You are struck by scarlet flowers over there.

Our separate ways! You write so well, so kindly, To caution, in vain, a garrulous old man.

卜算子·咏梅 宋代:陆游

驿外断桥边,寂寞开无主。已是黄昏独自愁,更著风和雨。 无意苦争春,一任群芳妒。零落成泥碾作尘,只有香如故。

By a broken bridge of deserted outpost, No more master no new post yet opens spring plum blossom

Dusk falling, its melancholy is itself or perhaps wind and rain in its company.

Willingly to let spring hurry by, full of envies from hundred other blossoms

Its kindred self being scattered and turning into dust Only a whiff of delicate scent lingered long after.

( copy-left by me, unsatisfied of all existing translation)

卜算子 ·咏梅 by Mao Zedong 读陆游咏梅词2,反其义而用之。 ( This is comparative re-verse engineered poem ... by none other than politician/poet Chairman Mao, with much more optimistic worldview. I wonder if his poem was really the mustard seed of 'Let hundred Flowers Bloom movement back in 50s )

风雨送春归,飞雪迎春到。已是悬崖百丈冰,犹有花枝俏。 俏也不争春,只把春来报。待到山花烂漫时,她在丛中笑。

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